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 I would like to take the time to talk a little bit about social media as well as ways where you as a reader can connect with me as often as you can. We need to always remember that social media can BOTH be a good thing to have as well as a bad thing to have. These days the younger generation spends more time on social media than the older generation. Social media is a way for people to talk about others behind their back or tear someone down by judging them and talking about them. I do wish more people would be mind smart when it comes to social media.

 In this crazy world we are all connected through social media whether it is through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… it is a good thing to have because it helps everyone stay in touch with one another. Some people live far away from each other and the only way that they stay connected is through the internet. Family are able to share photos and precious memories they made as well as share that with the world. We always need to be careful when it comes to social media because there can be a negative side to the internet. I too am addicted to social media.

So, in conclusion I would like to share with you the internet sites that I am on so that we can become friends as well. Whenever I created an account I made sure there was a way for me to be able to keep my privacy so most of my accounts are private so that not many people see my photos. I try best to stay safe whenever I talk to people that I do not know on the internet and the way that I do that is I do not give out my information about myself to any stranger. You need to always be careful because you never know who is on the other side of the computer and the younger generation seems to spend more time on the internet than the older generation. So, let me share with you all my sites so you can follow me and become friends. I hope that we can become friends and get to know each other better.

Facebook- I have 2 accounts that you can follow the first one is my regular account where we can be friends and the other is a page that you can follow and support me on my photography.


The next account that I have is Twitter and this is locked for a reason. I do not get on here as often, but mainly your will see the blog posts that I make on there. I do not write anything on there much it is mainly to speak out about my website. If you would like to follow me then just request it and I will definitely follow you right back. I do follow other bloggers on there it is a community.

Twitter accounts

I was not a huge fan with Twitter, but over time I decided that the way I could use it would be to promote my blogs so that is what I am using it for now. I do not post much on there, but I do have a few friends on there. It is an alright site for me.

Instagram accounts

Instagram is a huge part of the social media theses days that is where most people share photos with one another. I share my photos because each photo has a story behind them. Some people share their life journey through the photos on Instagram. I share my photos in private because not everyone needs to see how I looked growing up. I have 2 accounts one for my personal life which I do not let very many see because I made that account private. The other account is public because I want people to support me on my photography so that is why it is public I do not share many photos of myself on that account. Please follow if possible and share so my photography can get noticed. Here are my Instagram accounts for you all to follow and share with others. They are: and

There you have it friends those are all my social media accounts where you can connect with me so we can become friends at some point. I highly encourage anyone who is constantly on social media to be mind smart when it comes to talking to strangers over the internet NEVER give out your personal information because that is very dangerous and you get in yourself into a lot of trouble I know that by experience myself. Be careful also with what you post because people can find information out very quickly. I try to limit of how much time I spend on social media each day because the world is full of negativity as well so I try to limit my amount. If you ever need someone to talk to do not hesitate to private message me and I would love to chat with you if you have any kind of questions about life or just need an ear to talk to I do not judge people I just try to see how I can help and be your friend each day.

Thanks again readers,

Heather Kendall

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