Growing Up Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of growing up in this one I am going to mention about the pets that I had in my life and how they changed my life for the better! I will also let you know how to I got into writing as well as how I chose to start a website. I would love for you to understand how I got into writing. I truly believe that everyone’s life journey can impact someone’s life whether we realize it or not. I want to share my part because whoever stops by to read this it might change their life. I am going to start with this post about the animals that changed me.

Meet Buff this was my first dog in my life. He was this way when I came home. He was dropped off at Debbie and Kirby’s house when he was a puppy during a thunderstorm no one claimed him so they kept him took care of him and made him part of their lives. Buff was never around children so my guardians had to teach him how to be gentle with us which the longer we were around the more he got used to us. I would spend time with Buff as much as I could when it was summer I would put him on a leash and we would go for walks and then I would brush his hair. We were somewhat close and then we got more animals and Buff had to learn to get along with them. Watching Buff with other animals was interesting, but as time went on they learned to love each other every day! I will forever love dogs!

  Buff has taught me that all animals need to be in a loving home because they will change our lives forever. I think dogs know us better than our friends. Dogs have changed my life! If you ever had any kind of dog in your life you know that taking care of that dog takes responsibility and I will say that Buff has definitely taught me that and what it means to think about an animal before yourself. Just as we need to be shown love dogs need to be loved as well.

Meet Kotton we gave him this name because he was all white. Yes in the photo you can see that he has one blue eye and one eye green that is how he was born. Kotton and Cory had a close relationship they always sat on the floor together in the kitchen and spend time together. The favorite memory I have of him is while we would eat together Kotton would sit between one of us on the floor begging for food. He loved the outdoors and sometimes would come back from his walk with something in his mouth that he caught!

Kotton enjoying just laying in the grass watching us do our things. He sure did enjoy scratching my legs every once in a while, but I think that is a cat thing. He was a pretty cat that I ever had so far that is my 1st cat that I ever had and I miss him every single day. He was a wonderful cat.

Meet Emily once we started noticing that Buff was getting older and slowing down with age that is when we adopted Emily. The first time we brought Emily home we did not know how Buff would react to a new member to our family, but once he got used to her being around they became friends. Emily would follow Buff everywhere in the yard. I knew that they would be friends!

  One day Buff was outside playing in the creek that was near our house and could not get up so Kirby had to bring him in the basement and we had to made a decision and we did make a choice to let him go he was crying in pain so we said our final goodbyes it was a sad day along with it was raining. Buff was 13 years old when we had to say our final goodbye.

Saying goodbye to any animal is a hard thing to do because they change our lives for the better. Buff taught me that all animals need to be loved just like we do as people! When we go through the process of saying goodbye to an animal we loved for so long the best thing to do is to focus on all the positive memories we made with our furry friend. It is alright to cry because animals do become part of our family and we treat them as one of our own.

After Buff passed away Emily and Kotton got to become friends. Watching them 2 play outside just made my day better there was not a moment that we did not laugh. Kotton would get Emily in trouble for running through Debbie’s flowers! There was one time where we actually caught them sleeping side by side together one night.

Emily is a Sheltie so she would herd everything that moved the mower, the tractor, a car, or the 4 wheeler. This photo fits perfectly of how Kotton and Emily would play. Kotton was Cory and I’s first cat so we learned what it means to take care of an animal and how important it is to make sure they get loved because that is how you build a life time of memories with that animal. I am so glad that our guardians got us animals to love every day. Dogs has taught me how to put other things before myself and also responsibility.

Unfortuantlly Kotton got to the age of 13 years old and his life also came to the end in 2018. That cat will never be forgotton by me. He loved his hunting days and watching Emily and him play made us laugh. He is missed. Both Buff and Kotton lived a wonderful life together.

With all the animals that came into my life has changed me for the better. Emily and I had a close relationship ever since she was a puppy. She would follow me every where I went and did not like it when I left. I always made sure that Emily was taken care of everyday. Emily was my best friend whenever I was around. She helped me get through my tough days. She made my life better every single day!

Emily helped get through my homework nights after I came home from school she was my reading partner I would study with her, read to her while she took a nap on me. Whenever I had a bad day at school she would listen to me of how my day went so it was nice to have a listener.

I always did my best to take pictures of Emily so I could cherish them forever which most of the time she did not mind me doing, but she sure did know whenever I got the camera out some moments she would participate in and some she would run away, but for the most of the part she was good at getting photos done. I encourage anyone who has animals take as many photos as you can so you can hold onto the precious memories you made with your favorite animals!

 While I was in school I always struggled in my classes I had to work harder for my grades than my other classmates and that was alright it did not mean I was not smart I just had to think harder for my grades. My favorite class growing up would have to be gym class I could just be myself as well as it gave me a break from thinking. Whenever classmates found out that I was adopted they would make rude comments to me that would hurt my feelings and I never understood why all I wanted was to make friends and be accepted by people. The older I got the more I was able to ignore those negative comments because I know that I have purpose here. Everyone’s life journey is special because we all have went down different paths which has helped us be who we are today and people will judge, but we need to focus on the positive comments and ignore the negativity around us. So just always remember your life journey does matter!

I graduate high school in 2015 and then I entered the real world. I took a little bit of a break to figure out what I wanted to do. Some people choose to go to college, but that is not what I wanted to do. After we graduate high school it can be a scary thing, but we need to remember that people will tell us what to do and how we should live our lives, but always do what is best for your life. Yes, I did graduate from a Christian school and what I will tell you is I left that school knowing in my heart that I was NOT a Christian and I was alright with that because I knew that I was different.  Just because I went to a private school did not mean I had the same belief system that everyone else around me had. No one really asked me about my belief which I was glad about because I sure did not want to talk about it. I will tell you that even today I am still NOT a Christian which I will talk about another day. Everyone has their own belif system so I live the best way I can every day. Whenever I got older and was able to write I enjoyed writing in a journal so that I could get my thoughts and feelings out, but there was always one thing that worried me which was who would find that journal and read it so I hid most of mine and did not let anyone look at it even my own guardians that I lived with because it was a personal thing.

  Well, that is where I am going to leave you guys at I will share with you more about myself growing up piece by piece. I wanted to do a short growing up blog because I want to give my readers an idea of how I grew up. I hope this blog gave you an idea of who I am as a writer and blogger. Please stay connected with me to find out when the next blog will be posted. I love all my readers and I am glad we are friends!

                                              Thanks again,

                                               Heather Kendall


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