Growing Up Part 1

Before I continue writing my thoughts down it would be helpful if you know how I grew up which I am going to do in 2 parts because it will separate the times if I join it all together you will be so confused. As you read this I hope that you see that I had a wonderful childhood growing up and that I was loved by my guardians each and every single day. If you know someone or you are adopted I would love to hear your story and how it changed your life for the better. After you are done reading this please join me on any of my internet sites so that we can become friends! I am thankful each and every single day for my adoption. 

 I thought it would be a good idea to take the time to talk about how I grew up so that you get an idea of who I am. The only way you will get to know me is if I share with you some memories I made and how I grew up. My story starts out differently from others and I honestly believe that is what makes me special. The reason why I would like to share my story with you is because I want people to know that I lived a good life and share the lessons I learned along the way with the people around me. So here is my story I hope you enjoy and know me better as a person as well as writer with you all! I hope that my story encourages everyone who reads it.

   I am originally from Ukraine and the way I came over to the United States is through adoption and I am thankful for that because I get to have freedom in my life. I came over to the United States when I was only 4 years old with my brother. We did not speak English when we came to our forever home we had to be taught. I don’t remember anything about being in the orphanage and I would love to keep it that way.

When my birthmother found out that she was pregnant with me I bet she was scared and had to make the toughest choice she would have to make ever in her life. She knew that she was unable to take care of me from where she was at. As her heart was breaking to let me go she knew in her heart that giving me up was the best choice she could have made even though it was a painful thing for her to do. After I was born I was put in an orphanage where I and many other children waited to be united with their forever families. All of us want to be loved by someone every single day. I waited for my forever family and then it finally happened when the couple came to see me in the orphanage every day.

 The couple that came to Ukraine were Kirby and Debbie Kendall. After they got married they knew that they always wanted children just waited for the right time so they saved up money, but adoption was layed on their heart they wanted to change a child’s life so they started the process looking around, getting information, and choosing the right place to adopt from and Ukraine was their final answer. They packed all their bags and headed towards Ukraine in 2000 to begin their journey of adoption. They went through photos of children and then went to orphanages to see and that is when they saw and met me for the first time. I do not remember anything that happened at the orphanage because I was too young at the time. They knew they wanted a little boy and a little girl. They would come back to the orphanage every single day to come visit me and play with me.  The hardest thing about being an orphane is you always have to wait for someone to choose you and waiting for a forever family can be a very long process and heartbreaking sometimes if someone does not choose you and they choose someone else.

  Adoption is close to my heart and whenever I hear stories about adoption it makes me feel better because I know that I am not the only person who was adopted. It is unique how adoption stories came together because children’s lives are changed forever. I know that my life changed forever! When people hear about my story I hope that if someone is adopted that it encourages them to share with others their own personal adoption story because it is special. Adoption is a joyful thing that can happen in a child’s life.

  On November 15, 2000 my dream had finally came true. Kirby and Debbie chose me to be with them what I did not know was they were going to bring me home along with a brother. Kirby and Debbie found a boy later on and then started the adoption process in Ukraine. My brother and I are not blood related. We came to our forever home in December of 2000. I was 4 and Cory was 2 at the time we did not know how to speak English at the time so we were taught how to until we caught on it took me longer than Cory, but I eventually got there. Debbie and Kirby made sure that we were taken real good care of, got the education that we needed growing up, allowed us to make friends, and always reminded us that we were loved by them no matter what! We were reminded every morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime that they loved us which was a wonderful thing. I will always share my adoption story to the world because children who want to be adopted or they are already adopted need to know that it is alright to be different as well as they can find the courage to share their story with others.

Well, I know that I made this blog post short and I wanted to do that, but part 2 will be out in the beginning of August. If you know anyone or you yourself are adopted please take the time and share your story with the world because your story does matter. I have met people who were adopted and learned how it changed their life for the better. Adoption can change lives. So, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog please leave a comment at the end of this blog.

Thanks again,

Heather Kendall

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