You Are Enough

As you read this topic, I truly hop that this encourages you in some way and that you take the time to share this encouragement with the people around you. I truly believe that all of us need this reminder as often as we can because people around us have a way to put is down with their negative words. Some people struggle with self esteem and they struggle with believing in themselves every single day.

I would like to share with you my story on how I struggles with self esteem and how I learned to encourage myself on my own. We need to help others around us with their self esteem because they need supporters who will help them get through the tough days. I too struggled during my childhood. Everyone who reads this will be reminded that they are enough no matter what!

While I was in school in school students would always say negative words to me that would bring my self esteem down which I bet we all have been in the same position I was in and we all need to stand up for ourselves when people tear us down with negativity. It was hard for me to believe in myself on certain things. When students would do that to me, I did not stand up for myself I just let the negative words sink in my mind. As I got older, I still did not know how to stand up for myself, so I struggled with encouraging myself. We are all different so reminding ourselves that we are good enough can be a struggle for everyone, but if we have people who are our friends can help us get through the tough days so we can look forward to our future. Now that I am an adult I have learned that people’s opinions about me should not matter every day. I remind myself all the time now that I am good enough even on my tough days when they come. So I hope that you understand that you are enough all the time.

So, my encouragement for all of you is that remind yourself each day that you are enough no matter what the world tells you just be yourself. Whenever people pick on you just ignore them and know that you are enough. Everyone has a purpose in the world and each one is different so our goals will always be different. Encourage the people around that they too are enough every single day. I hope that this blog encouraged you and that if someone needs encouraged that you take the time to share this so that they get a wonderful reminder. Stay connected to get more encouragement because I want to do that for you. Thank you for your loving support readers.

Thanks again,

Heather Kendall

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