Life’s Journey

 The reason why I chose this encouragement is because I personally believe that is true for all of us. Your life journey will always be different from mine because we were created differently. We all have been through different situations that has helped us become a stronger person as well as helped us learn life lessons that we can share with the younger generation for years to come. I am thankful for my journey each and every single day because I know I am becoming stronger.

   People are not going to know what our journey was like if we do not take the time to share that journey with the people around us each day. I know for a fact that whenever the younger generation listens to our life’s journey, the struggles that we went through and how we over came them, and the wonderful memories we made then they can pass that down. When people hear about the things we did along our journey that will help them know that no one is perfect that it is alright to make mistakes along with they are not alone because there is always someone here to be a good friend to listen every single day.

 So, in conclusion do not expect people to know what you are going through right away but try to explain it to them so that someday they will know what you were talking about. Do not judge someone’s journey because your journey is different from theirs. Your journey can help someone and might teach someone a lesson about life. So, before you go and judge the person try to see what that person went through first and share your journey with them. Your struggles, life lesson, mistakes you made, and the wonderful memories you made along the way might help them with whatever they are going through right now. So please share your life’s journey with the people you care about!


  1. Thank you for the uplifting word today.
    I know my life’s journey was different than yours but that’s what makes us unique and our own person.
    I had a rough life and had gone through the loss of my mom at the age of 10. That made things difficult but it also made us stronger.
    God Bless you and your writings
    Thank you


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