About This Website


 For those of you who are just joining me welcome. This website is created for anyone who needs encouragement in their life because we all need reminded that we are not alone as we go through this journey called “life”. I wanted to create a website where I could share my experience with the world. We should think of life as a journey because it is the best way to stay positive whether good or bad. Life will have it’s challenges, but that is how we become stronger as well as a better person in the near future. The challenges that we are faced with, the memories we make, and the lessons we learned someday might just impact someone’s life by the stories we share whether we realize it or not every single day.

  Growing up I always felt like the opinions I had on certain topics and my encouragement that I had to share did not matter to whoever I talked to so with that being said I kept most of my thoughts, feelings, and opinions all to myself because I did not want to be made fun of or even get judged. I believe that we all have had that kind of feeling at some point in our lives, so we all know what I am talking about here. Most of the time I would write down my feelings, thoughts, and opinions in a journal and then hid it from everyone else. It is my time now to share my opinions forever.

   After I graduated high school that is when I realized that it was time for me to share what I had to say with others because I might just change someone’s life by what I said. It took me a while to come up with website name. I did have a website started, but I got rid of it because I was too busy to keep it going and now that I have more life’s experience I am able to share what I have learned along the way. I will say I have learned that it does not matter what others think about my opinions because we all have them and what I have to say does matter! Once I realized that my opinion mattered that is when I decided to have the courage to start this website back up again.

    As you read each blog, I hope that you learn something new about me as a writer along with who I was growing up. I honestly believe that I have something to bring to the table with each blog. I will tell you now that with each blog I take the time to think through the topic that I will share, and I write the post with an open heart and mind. As you read each blog, I politely ask that you respect what I have to say you do not have to agree with me just try to have an open mind. Also, please respect other comments whenever you are reading comments. I hope that along with each blog that we can become close friends. I will read each comment and try to contact you back.

Please feel free to follow me on WordPress if you have an account on here.  In another blog I will explain how you guys can get in contact with me so let the blogging begin and friendships be built. Our opinions, feelings, and thoughts DO matter and do not be afraid to share those along with me!

Thanks Again,

Heather Kendall


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